Students of the Month in Math and Science

Congratulations to Park Sanghyeon who was named student of the month for December/January, in Math and Science, for the high school. In Middle School Math and Science, Audrey Zhu was honored. Fantastic job!
SOTW Month Dec-Jan video wechat version

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Psychology Presentations

In AP Psychology today, students became the teacher and taught about motivation and emotion. Each group gave dynamic, visual presentations to teach their classmates the material.


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Today the Grade 6 Social Studies class put their heads together to piece together the story of the failed SMBC bank robbery of 2004. They used teamwork and analysis skills to determine the cause-and-effect relationship between the scrambled elements to put them in chronological order.

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Secondary Challenge Problems

Last week’s answers were 7 for middle school (solved by Rebecca Pare), and 91 for high school (solved by Yoon Jae Hwan). Both of this week’s problems come from the Waterloo Math Competition. Enjoy.

2017 math problem ms20
2017 math problem hs20

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Cafeteria weekly Menu 1.16-1.20

Menu 1.16-1.20

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ECA Cafeteria weekly Menu 1.16-1.20

ECA Menu-1.16-1.20 ECA Menu-1.16-1.20-cn

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Biology Pollination lab

AP Biology Students investigates pollen & Plant reproduction by observing the formation of tubes out of pollen grains to fertilize ovules in flowers.

ap pollination lab

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Thank you to all the Middle School students who put so much time, effort, and thought into their presentations, displays, and skits at yesterday’s Cultures Fair. The excitement was high and the results were very close!  The Division Winners were:

Division A:  Erin Li and Audrey Zhu (8)

Division B:  Michelle Zhao and Rowley Zhang (7)

Division C:  Emma Fallon and Cindy Wang (7)

Division D:  Rebecca Pare and Lucia Kim (8)

The Best in Show award went to Rebecca Pare and Lucia Kim (Minju)!

Students also voted and chose their favourite entry and the Students’ Choice Award went to the Grade 6 group: Henry Olsson, John Yang (Feng Yu) & Justin Park!  

Congratulations to all the teams, to the Division Winners, and to the winners of Best in Show and Students’ Choice!

N79A4705 N79A4740 N79A4793 N79A4799 N79A4816 N79A4828

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Science Fun in Grade One

The Grade 1 students have had fun learning about the states of matter! We have conducted several experiments to explore the properties of solids, liquids, and gases. Some of these experiments included: making and eating yummy Jell-O; mixing baking soda and vinegar and then trapping the gas in a balloon; and creating our own Oobleck, which can be both a liquid and a solid!
20170112 (1)

20170112 (2)

20170112 (3)

20170112 (4)

20170112 (5)

20170112 (6)

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Students of the Week for Math and Science

The Math and Science Departments are proud to recognize our students of the week.
Middle School Math:
Jiang Tianyu/Grade 7 “Great start to Term 3 with high quiz score”;
Middle School Science:
Emma Fallon/Grade 7 “She has started semester 2 with a passion on fire to succeed more than ever!”;
High School Math:
Xiao Fan Wang/Grade 11 “She attended many winter break sessions and finished her Algebra Khan Academy”;
High School Science:
Toshiro Tokunaga/Grade 12 “Hard worker, great student in AP Biology”
SOTW Poster week12

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