Secondary Math Challenge

Last week’s challenge was solved by Grade 6’s Alice. This week’s challenge is a probability question that requires some real abstract thinking. First two students who answer correctly and explain their answer to Mr. Troutman will receive 30 T-bucks. Good luck!

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Our Pre-Kindergarten Open Days are wonderful opportunities for you to spend time with your child in their preschool setting.  They offer you the opportunity to explore the center yourself, to see your child enjoying spending time in the center and for them to showcase some of their learning activities with you.  Open Days provide opportunities for families to gain a deeper, more interactive understanding of our approach in early childhood education.  Thank you to all the parents and caregivers who joined us for today’s Open Day activities.

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Exploring Shapes in PK3/4 C

Shapes play an important role in helping children categorize things around them. Understanding shapes is an important concept in learning Math, Science, and Reading. In discovering shapes, children  observe what is the same and different and this allows them to compare objects.

The children in PK3/4 C enjoyed identifying, comparing and choosing their preferred shapes during our different shape activities.  During our kite making activity, the children chose the shape they preferred to use to make a kite.  After decorating them, they took their kites out to fly on a windy day. The children also had fun in hunting for different shapes in the playground. They pointed to different shapes that they recognized and moved eagerly from one place to another in search of more shapes.

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Students of the Month in Math

The secondary math department gives two awards to middle school and two awards to high school. The two awards are the Archimedes Excellence Award and the Leibniz Inspiration Award.

Congratulations to our winners in September:

High School Leibniz Inspiration Award: Li Yi Han (Jessica), Grade 11

High School Archimedes Excellence Award: Yang Jia Chen (Peter), Grade 12

Middle School Leibniz Inspiration Award: Daniel Gardner, Grade 8

Middle School Archimedes Excellence Award: Jaewon Ahn, Grade 8

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Book Character Dress-up Day 2019

Did you spot some Grouchy Ladybugs and Dr. Seuss book characters at school today? Primary School students and teachers participated in Book Character Dress-up Day during Day 4 of I Love Reading Week. They dressed up as their favorite book character, showcasing their creative costumes and love of reading! Everyone surely brought their favorite book characters come to life. Everyone had a blast!

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Secondary Math Challenge

This week’s challenge will prove very difficult for students. It is based on number theory and advanced mathematics. The answer to last week’s special Mid-Autumn Festival challenge is to use two cuts to form a “+” through the cake and the turn the cake on it’s side and cut through the middle. Last week’s winners were Ronnie (Grade 12), Angel (Grade 9) and Alice (Grade 6).

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Reading Buddies @ TGA

Now on its second year, TGA students participated in “Reading Buddies” during Day 3 of I Love Reading Week. It is an activity designed to foster a love of reading among all members of the school community and to connect younger and older students together. The secondary students read books to primary students in various locations around the school, aiming to help their buddies gain confidence in reading.

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Weekly Bulletin 08– September 25 2019

Weekly Bulletin 08

每周公告 08

주간 소식지 08

To read PDF document, please download Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader

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Parent Workshop and Cozy Reading

The Parent Workshop on “Building a Long-Lasting Relationship through Reading and E-books” had an awesome turnout with more than 60 parents coming by. The event gave parents insights on spending quality time with their children through stories, books, and other types of texts. They also learned how to access electronic reading resources such as TumbleBooks, TumbleMath, and International Children’s Library. (Please click here for the PPT)

The workshop was followed by “Cozy Reading” where parents came into classrooms to read with their children. Everyone had so much FUN! This is just Day 2 of I Love Reading Week and everybody is excited for more awesome reading events!

-Mr. Ricky and Ms. Jessica

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Walkathon 2019

Teda Global Academy always finds ways to bring the community together.

The past weekend (the 20th of September) was a day when students, parents, teachers, leaders and support staff walked and ran together.

It was a great day with warm weather filled with children’s laughter as they ran and enjoyed the each other’s company.

Students were excited to complete as many laps as they could so that they could collect their pledges.

Student volunteers took photos of the event, while video shots were captured by the school’s drone.

TGA is pleased that everyone enjoyed their day out in the sunshine and is looking forward to hosting more events like these.


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