High School Math Challenge Problem

Another difficult, college level, number theory question this week. The answer to last week’s challenge was 2/1001 or 0.2%. The problem was solved by 9th grader Kyubin Yun. Students who solve the problem will receive an award from Mr. Troutman. Good luck!
2018 math problem hs5

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Marine Biology Tales of the Week

Every week, students in the Marine Biology class will be educating the school community by highlighting interesting and unusual facts and/or creatures from the oceans. This week you will learn about the Blob Fish. This fish is famous as it was voted ugliest fish by the public. Read more about the Blob Fish from the attached poster created by Grade 12’s Bella and JaJa.

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School Hats for Sale

Seniors will be selling school hats at the gate before homeroom(AM 7:50~8:00)/after school(PM 3:05~ ).
Students are welcomed to wear school hats on special occasions such as spirit days.
Price: 75 rmb
Colors: Dark blue/ White/ Pink
Sizes: Adult and Children

WeChat Image_20170829094951

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Photography Club

We have been learning about point of view in photography. There is no law that tells us that we have to take all photos at eye level and straight on. The most important point is keeping it interesting and unexpected. By taking photos from different angles we can create a totally different feeling or mood. In fact the most amazing photos are usually the ones that are a result of an original look. Remember to have fun taking photos!
20170911 (1)

20170911 (2)

20170911 (3)

20170911 (4)

20170911 (5)

20170911 (6)

20170911 (7)

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PFA Clothes Swapping

On Thursday, September 7th, the PFA arranged our first uniform swapping event. This is a great way to take care of the environment and teach our children to recycle. For example, you could bring 3 pieces of clothing and swap for 3 other items or just buy each piece for 5 RMB per item. The PFA hope to arrange uniform swapping multiple times a year. So save your old uniforms for next swapping day!



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0908 House Leaders-1

0908 House Leaders-2

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Middle School Math Challenge Problem

This week’s question worked with geometry and area. Congratulations to Sally who was able to find the solution before 2nd period and received a prize! Next weeks problem of the week will be posted Monday morning and can be found next to Mr. Chris’ classroom.
math problem ms2s

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Students of the Month for Math and Science

The Math & Science Departments would like to congratulate our Students of the Month for August:
Middle School Math: Yi Yu Yao
Middle School Science: Sharon Russel Kingsley
High School Math: Sun Bing
High School Science: Byun Mingi
These students received an award and certificate.
2018 SOTM August Poster Wechat

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Weekly Bulletin 06– September 6 2017

Weekly Bulletin 06

每周公告 06

주간 소식지 06

To read PDF document, please download Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader

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Mathematicians At Work!

The Grade 1 students at TIS are great mathematicians who like to demonstrate their learning in practical ways. In addition to working in our textbooks, we have enjoyed doing many hands-on activities and games to practice our addition, subtraction, and number bond skills.
20170906 (1)

20170906 (2)

20170906 (3)

20170906 (4)

20170906 (5)

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