TGA Grade 5 Visits the Maritime Silk Road Exhibit

Written by Sun and Kate
Photos by Nils and John
Yesterday, grade 5 students from TGA went to the National Maritime Museum of China. We went to an exhibition about the Maritime Silk Road and learned about the history of China.

This is a picture of a ‘junk’ a boat from China that is all made of wood. It’s for carrying thing such as food like rice, beautifully decorated china bowls and famous Chinese silk. The boats traveled to many places in Asia and Africa. They brought back many treasures for the emperor like peacocks, giraffes, perfume and many new types of food.

People from Ming and Qing dynasties made different styles of fans for selling to European countries. The fans in this picture were made from very special materials, such as seashells, turtle shells and even ivory.

This is the gourd bottle that holds liquids such as milk, beer, and water. It has a very long name in Chinese. It looks like a person but the head has a hole in the top. It has a handle that’s round, and the bottom looks like a drum and has decorations. This bottle comes from western China.

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