Sports Day 2019 – through Blue Eyes

By Caroline Marx

I looked on at the events with a Blue perspective.  On April 12th, Teda International School hosted another amazing annual Sports day. This year’s sports day was very enthusiastic. I felt like there were so many more people cheering for their friends and classmates even when they were not people from their own house with everyone just generally showing strong school spirit.

Grade 10 started the day off with some pre-games & team building activities in the PAR. We played 2 games, one called “Ring of Fire” and the other called “Broken Telegram.” We split the class into 2 groups, boys vs. girls. First, we played “Ring of Fire.” For this game, we had to stand in a circle and all hold hands, then we were given a hula hoop and had to pass it all the way around the circle by only using our arms and we had to try and make it all the way around the circle before the boys’ team. We played it 3 times in our split teams, and the girls beat the boys 2 out of 3 times. Next, we played “Broken Telegram”. For this game, players stood in a line all facing the front of the room. The teachers drew a letter or picture on the back of each person in the back of the line. Then that person had to pass it on to the person in front of him/her. It was nice to see our class build some effective team skills. Participating in this pre-game “challenge” was a good way for us to get ourselves into a good mood and prepare us for the spirit of competition.

Sports Day started with a very intense and fast relay obstacle race.The race consisted of running, crawling through a hula hoop, and running in between 3 cones. After that, we split into 4 groups: MS boys, MS girls, HS boys, and HS girls. Each group did a rotation of different activities consisting of 50m run hurdles, javelin, long jump, and target shooting with frisbees. The next activity was the most exciting activity of the day and the main event of every Sports Day: Tug-of-War. Blue house was very enthusiastic and prepared after our victory against green house last year, but everyone was so exhausted from all the activities that Blue House just didn’t have quite enough strength to do it again this year. Blue House did manage to beat yellow house after they lost to Red House. I remember how hard we were pulling on the rope, and how far back we were leaning that we were almost touching the ground.

The last 2 activities were just as fun. There was the 400-meter relay run, in which teachers also participated. The funniest part of this activity was that the pistol used to let everyone run did not want to work when Mr. Pare pulled the trigger, but every time between the races when it was tested, it worked perfectly fine. The last activity was Capture the Flag. Blue House played against Green House and lost but defeated Yellow House.

Looking at this year’s sports day through a Blue lens it is easy to say that it was amazing. The house leaders and staff put a great deal of effort into planning everything, and it was all worth it. After a long, exciting day, a refreshing ice cream was waiting for us with our advisory teachers. The rest of the school day was pretty tiring for everyone as they had expended their energy into the day’s sporting activities. I remember trying to stay awake that night, but not making it past 10 pm. This was a super fun day, and I look forward to dreaming in blue again next year!

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