Travel around the World at TIS

What a sensational International Week TEDA IS has had!

Students in small groups traveled to over a dozen countries without ever stepping foot outside of TEDA as the school-wide house event kicked off on Tuesday, 26 March.

“Travel around the World at TIS” was an interactive experience that was aimed to promote cross-cultural understanding and engagement among students and teachers. Each “traveler” received a mini passport. Their main goal was to collect stamps as they navigated green screen booths that took them to different famous landmarks from across the globe. A whopping 20 country stamps were up for grabs!

To provide a deeper understanding of each country, students were presented infographics that showed key information and trivia. They needed to answer three questions correctly about what they had read to be able to move on to the next booth. Everyone was thrilled running along the corridors to be able to complete tasks! It was such a fantastic afternoon full of fun learning!

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