Have fun in play date time

On Wednesday March six, after an early release parents and students enjoyed an afternoon of fun and games in the gym. Some students enjoyed free time with soccer balls, badminton equipment, volleyballs and basketballs. Others played and were creative with a variety of balls, scooter boards and jump ropes or participated in some fast paced action of dodge ball and flag tag. It was fun, social, relaxing and the kids spent a ton of energy.

Thank you to all the parents and students who joined us for our first play date, thank you to school management and to the PE department for allowing us to use the gym and sports equipment. We look forward to another play date on the next “PD Day” April 6th.

We would welcome feedback from those who did participate – you can either send an email to the PFA board pfa@tedais.org or contact one of PFA board members directly.

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