What’s the BUZZ? The TIS Spelling Bee 2019!

TIS Spelling Bee Finals were held on the 1st of March at the PAR. The top three spellers from each grade level (Grades 1-5) and top 10 spellers (Kindergarten) went head-to-head to compete to be the ultimate super spellers!

Here were the finalists for each grade level:

Kindergarten: Marco, Aaron, Queenie, Takaharu, Sarah, Eric, Michelle, James, April, and Sophia

Grade 1: Eason, Allan Z., and Marina

Grade 2: Sky, Nina, and Emma

Grade 3: Alex, Rui Rui, and Nayeon

Grade 4: Kendall, E-jone, Frank

Grade 5: Alice, Maria, and Olivia

The final competition was divided into three categories: Kindergarten Round, Lower Primary Round (Grades 1-2), and Upper Primary Round (Grades 3-5). The Team of Marina and Emma from Lower Primary and the Team of Alice, Kendal, and Alex of Upper Primary won all three games–Speed Spelling, Lazer Letter, and Super Word. Everyone at the PAR was treated to a pleasant surprise when all ten finalists from Kindergarten were announced as winners!

Allan Z., Sky, Rui Rui, Kendall, and Alice emerged as Top Spellers for their respective grade levels.

TIS Spelling Bee is about much more than speed spelling. It’s about inspiring confidence in the competitors and a love of language that lasts a lifetime.

A BIG thank you to all students, parents, teachers for working very hard to make this event a huge success!!!

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