Empowered to Become Citizens the World Needs

Here is G1’s journey to becoming better citizens….

End of our community unit the students choose a charity that they wanted to support in TEDA. They picked the Jian Ai Home, a shelter for stray animals.






Then they explored different ways they could raise money to buy some food for the animals to help them in the coming winter. First they brainstormed their ideas and then went on to choose one that suited them.

They decided together that it would be fun to have a sale at school. After that we spend many weeks in and out of school to make different crafts such as paintings, drawings, holiday cards, soap, tea coasters, muffins and much more.

They made posters for the event and had the sale after the Winter Show.

After all the sales were done they had collected a total of 1282 RMB.  Their hard work paid off in the end and made a big difference for the animals at the Jian Ai Home!


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