TIS Walkathon raises funds for service

Bringing the TIS community together for a good cause; students, teachers, families, and friends were given a golden opportunity to participate in a healthful and educational fundraiser. Most often than not, it is such a breeze to find the words “fun” and “healthy” matching together during one single event, but is not always easy to involve every member of the school community in a charitable work!

From 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. of the 21st of September, students from ECA to Highs school – many joined by parents, teachers, leaders, and support staff – ran, jogged, and walked along the athletic track. As catchy music blared on the speakers around the field, assigned teachers marked laps for all enthusiastic students. As all of them received a pledge form and solicited flat rate donations from people they know, they really worked hard to attain the number of laps they need!

All proceeds will be used to finance different outreach efforts TEDA International School provides.


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