TEDA International School NHS Induction Ceremony

Being chosen to join Teda International School’s National Honor Society chapter is no small feat. The selection process, in which students are assessed on their academic achievements and service record, involves completing a sizeable application form, acquiring references from teachers and community members, and writing an all-important essay. After submitting all this, a committee then decide on the most suitable candidates.

The induction ceremony, which took place on 6th of September, was punctuated with speeches on character, scholarship, leadership and service, and a poetry performance. The Headmaster spoke to the initiates and presented each with a certificate of membership. This year saw nine new members enrolling, three seniors, two juniors and a whopping four sophomores, which brought the total membership of the Teda chapter to thirteen. After the induction, students and their families were invited to a reception for appetizers and pictures. As always, it was a classy and an enjoyable evening.

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