The “Art” of Recycling in Pre-K R

During the month of April, Pre-K R put extra emphasis on learning about life in the oceans and on land and our role in taking care of the earth. We collected many more recycled materials than we usually do!

First we sorted them by shape: cylinders, cubes, squares, prisms… Next we re-sorted by paper, metal, glass and ‘other’. We read books about recycling and about the ocean. We also watched videos about ocean animals.

After being thoroughly inspired, we each made a plan to create something for our bulletin boards. Once we had our plans, we searched our recycled materials for what we would need to create our projects. Then the fun began!

We made so many interesting animals, plants and even useful tools out of our recyclables.

That bright, red apple sure looks yummy!

See if you can spot the water filtering systems and the bottle fish.  You’ll even find a sea snake and a baby beluga!

 Happy Earth Month!



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