Event Review: Earth Day 2018 Activities

During last week, TIS students and their parents participated vigorously in the following activities to celebrate Earth day of April 22 in 2018. They have posted wonderful resolutions on the creative Earth day bulletin boards, presented their vivid crafty ships made from recycled material for the exposition in the cafeteria.

A team of experts from Global Environmental Institute from Beijing, specialized in environmental projects of natural resource preservation and waste material recycle, offered interactive lessons on April 23rd, this Monday. The project director Kendall Bitonte, the doctorate intern Monica and postgraduate intern from Princeton, Maddie have presented differentiated lectures concerning with plastic pollution issues to both primary and secondary school students in six sessions.

Middle school students have launched an eco-friendly science project to make handmade soap by using recycled cooking oil from school cafeteria, aiming to raise environmental awareness by reusing recycled material. On April 23rd, was the “walk to school” morning! Faculty, staff, students and parents walked together to school after converging from various spots in the neighborhood, with eco-friendly signs designed by upper primary students.

Your support and help are sincerely appreciated by instilling a sense of personal responsibility towards our planet Earth.

By TIS Eco Committee

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