Senior Recognition Soccer Game

Yesterday, our school hosted the 4th Annual Senior Recognition Game for the High School Girls Soccer Team. At half-time of the game with Maple Leaf, there was a ceremony recognizing our 6 seniors: Xie Yi Ming (Bella), Luo Lan (Claudia), Ro EunSong, Wang Shu Qi (Katey), Zhang Xi Yue (Luna) and Cui Wan Ning (Sandy). Combined, this Super Six have played in 126 games at ACAMIS and have scored 30 goals. They have been amazing on defense, intelligent on the field and great leaders for our school. In this final game, they played awesome and won 7-0. Seniors Luna and Bella each scored 2 goals, while Seniors EunSong and Katey, and Junior DaHae each scored 1 goal. Claudia, as always, played unstoppable on defense. We will miss these 6 seniors and wish them well in the future.

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