Building with Recycled Materials

Exploring or creating with recycled or “found” materials is a big part of everyday life in Pre-K L, much to the benefit of both the children and the environment. Recycled or “found” materials are abundant, sustainable and affordable resources for young children’s creative self-expression. The Pre-K L classroom is equipped with an array of recycled materials e.g. cereal boxes, bottles, fabric scraps, ribbons, cardboard rolls, as well as tools such as scissors, glue, staplers, tape and hole punches. Children have the opportunity to explore these open-ended materials, building hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Children also gain important knowledge about tools and materials as they practice skills like cutting, stapling, taping and gluing. They confront problems and creatively discover solutions. Children have the opportunity to engage socially as they explore materials. They share techniques, model the use of tools and materials and collaborate with one another. Building and creating gives the children a sense of pride and accomplishment when they innovate, when they make something unique, and when they struggle and succeed.

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