Grade 4 Field Trip to Cao Chang Jie Primary School

On April 16th, Grade 4 students went on a language and cultural exchange field trip to Cao Chang Jie Primary School in Tanggu, accompanied by Chinese teachers and the music teacher. During the visit, student representatives from the host school put on an excellent Peking Opera show for us. Professional Peking Opera teachers taught us some basic Peking Opera techniques and gestures, which promoted our understanding of the unique art form as well as intrigued our interest in it. Our music teacher also had a chance to try and learn the traditional music instrument for the Peking Opera.
Our Grade 4 students performed two songs in English, one of which is the Cup Song. Amazed by the cup show, students from the two schools buddied up to teach and learn how to do the cup show. The students from the visited school showed great interest in learning how to do it.
In the end, the students grouped up to participate a team-building game, during which students got to know more about each other, talked about how to collaborate and completed the task together. Students from both schools established friendship and had a great afternoon together.



我们也为草场街小学的师生演唱了两首英文歌曲。演唱结束后,我们四年级学生与草小的学生结成伙伴,教授他们怎样表演cup song,草小的师生对此表现出了非常浓厚的兴趣。


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