Students participate in Term 3 AR Celebration; Camp Read A lot

At the end of each term, students who have met their AR goal are treated to a celebration. Each term boasts a creative festivity to match the student’s hard work and diligence.

Keeping the students engaged and passionate about reading can be challenging, the Literary Team decided to use a camping theme. The forest area was transformed into a camp site and Camp Read A Lot was born. Students were greeted with signs, tents and a photo in front of the camp sign.

Each tent was inspired by the students and designed to reflect the books they love. Harry Potter, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Alice in Wonderland, Elephant and Piggy, Where the Wild Things are and The Cat in the Hat, just to name a few. Each tent held an activity students could participate in. Students made puppets, diaries, read books, took photos, made cookies, watched books come alive and much, much more.

Each term the amount of students who participate in the AR celebrations increases. This is a great indication of the amount of work students are putting in to reach their AR goals. GOOD JOB EVERYONE!!

Looking forward to 100% participation for the last term.

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