International children’s author Julia Cook comes to TIS

On March 21st this year, TIS hosted one of the most prolific authors around; Julia Cook. Julia Cook, who is a former school counselor and teacher shared experiences and stories with students, parents and staff. She is an inspiration to all and left each listener with tools they can use in their daily life.

Every Primary class was able to spend time with Julia Cook and even the ECA classes were enthralled by her books and her lessons.

Although she said she never dreamed she could evolve into an international award-winning children’s author, parenting expert and inspirational speaker, she has not only realized that dream, she has exceeded it. She has approximately two million books in print, and travels the world spreading encouragement and self-love. She motivated students to use their life as a platform for following in her footsteps and writing their own stories.

Julia Cooks books are all translated into “kid language” making them both entertaining and engaging. Julia has the innate ability to write from the voice and the eyes of a child. Her ultimate goal is to make a positive differences in the lives of not only our students, but their parents and our staff. She used her experience to teach us lifelong problem-solving skills that can be used inside and outside the classroom.

She has been compared to Dr. Seuss and has presented in over 1000 schools worldwide. Look for her books in the library, the Reading Room and in the classroom. If you were still interested in purchasing her books, please contact the Librarian or the Reading Specialist. We were honored to have her here at TIS and look to bring her back sometime soon

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