Hats Off to Dr. Seuss’s Birthday!

Did you know Dr. Seuss would be 114 this year? While he is no longer with us, his legacy lives on in the pages of his books. He forever changed the way children’s books were written and continues to inspire generations. So on Monday, we honored him in a fun and whimsical way.

On March 5th TEDA International School celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday The PFA sold bright, colorful and yummy Seuss themed snacks. They decorated the cafeteria in an ostentatious display of Dr. Seuss characters and students were able to purchase these delicious snacks during their lunch period.  The proceeds from this activity will support one of the many charities sponsored by TIS.

Lunch was followed by fun and exciting Seuss inspired activities in the gym.  Pin the hat on the Cat, Fox in Socks hopping race, Musical Books, Hop on Pop relay, and Pin the fish in the fish bowl and Photo Shoots as Thing 1 or Thing 2 were just some of the amusing games the students participated in.

The fun is not over.  On Friday, students will be wearing their Dr. Seuss t-shirts to finish out our author week in honor of Dr. Seuss’s contribution to children’s books and education all over the world.

Participating in Sr. Seuss activities encourages students to appreciate the life of Dr. Seuss, so please continue to encourage your student to read Dr. Seuss books, use their imagination, and be silly!  Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

In Katroo, every year, on the day you were born
They start the day right in the bright early morn
When the Birthday Honk-Honker hikes high up Mt. Zorn
and lets loose a big blast on the big Birthday Horn.
And the voice of the horn calls out loud as it plays:
“Wake up! For today is your Day of all Days!”


On Monday March 5th,
we are happy to say.
We went to our gym
for we wanted to play.

It was a Dr. Seuss Party,
with fun things to do.
We played so many games,
before lunch time was through.

Pin the hat on a cat,
and hop on a pop,
So many things to do
We thought the fun would never stop!

Thank you Dr. Seuss
The celebration went just fine.
Happy Birthday to you
We had a great time!


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