Chess Club

Chess Club in Upper Primary is increasingly popular. Students enjoy spending time and learning more about chess with Jacky and John, our middle school volunteers. Jacky is an experienced chess player who has learned chess for 10 years, being awarded as Chess Master of Chess Association. John is also a good chess player who has learned chess for 3 years and participated the ISCOT Chess Tournament.

As the leading teaching experts, Jacky and John take advantage of group teaching, dividing students into groups according to their levels. They teach students the moves of each chess piece, conventional strategies, game skills, opening and ending of the game etc. It’s great to see how enthusiastic the students are when they are discussing and sharing their experience.

Afterwards, students are able to play with partners to practice what they had learned.

The Chess Club provides an opportunity for students to develop their critical thinking, strategic and forward thinking capability. Mr. Fiaola and Ms. Colette also get to practice their chess skills with students. We look forward to more improvement for all the chess players!

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