A Busy Day in Nursery

At greeting time children come to the room and start their day by choosing books to read. Some choose to read to themselves, while others ask a teacher to read to them. They enjoy this time every day.
At small group time these students concentrated on sorting and arranging their dinosaurs by size.

A perfect day for a brisk, morning run under the sun during outside time.

After making a plan, these children focused on their work. These boys wanted to make a dinosaur with cardboard blocks.

These students went to the art area and said they wanted to play with the play dough. They got out the tools and dough, then proceeded to roll, cut, and mold.

Time for a picnic in the reading area during work time.

During large group time, one class enjoyed playing “Hide and Seek”.

Another class listened to “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. They talked about the sizes of the bears and the similarity with the different-sized dinosaurs from small group time.

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