On Tuesday, students from across Middle School came together to compete for the Judges’ and Students’ Choice awards in the annual Cultures Fair. Thank you to the students (and parents!) who put in such hard work in creating marvelous (and delicious) presentations! Thank you also to the Judges and other teachers without whom the Fair could not have happened. The results of this year’s Cultures Fair are:

Two groups earned the Finalist award for their Division:
From Grade 8: Jiang Tian Yu (Emily), Wang Xin Yi (Cindy), and Wang Yi Fan (Linda)
From Grade 6: Lin Ting Wan (Christine), Dana Rodriguez Arreola, and Sun Zhuo Ran (Cherry)

…while Gladys Dexter Silva and Sharon Russel Kingsley from Grade 7 earned the coveted Judges’ Choice Award!

Congratulations go as well to the winners of this year’s prized Students’ Choice Award: Ng Zijian (Kent) and Yuan Wang (Rain) (not pictured).

Thank you all and good luck next year!

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