The Humanities Department “Students of the Month” for May:

For Middle School English:

Grade 6: Guo, Shu Ning (Becky)–She has consistently worked to be top of her class.

Grade 7: Zhao, Yu Ming Ai (Michelle) — She has the kindest heart and an eagerness to help her classmates.

Grade 8: Duan, Yi Heng (Yolanda) — Has improved so much over the course of the school year.

Grade 8 Accelerated: Guo, Jia Yi (Jenny)–For her insightful and deep connections made during our novel unit


MS Social Studies

Grade 6:  Kim Minseo (Erin) — For continuously deepening her knowledge, asking questions, and helping others.

Grade 7: Song Yu Jin – For discovering and developing the gift of empathy and using it to empower others.

Grade 8: Li Yu Han (Mary) – For the accuracy, diligence, and excellence in all she does.


High School English:

Grade 9: Rohaun Moellem—For asking questions and helping others

Grade 10: Bryson Clowe—For diligent reading and participation in the AR program

Grade 10 Honors: Hye Lin Seo–For her dedication and consistency throughout the school year

Grade 11: Sean Wang –For accuracy and excellence in all he does

Grade 12: Kim, Ji Hoo (Patrick) — For insightfully demonstrating the parallels between the Korean examination system and Frankenstein’s creature.

AP Language: Cui, Wan Ning (Sandy) — She has demonstrated significant improvement in critical reading, rhetorical analysis, and argumentative essay writing!”


High School Social Studies:

AP World History: Julia Lopes De Paulo– – Amazing dedication to preparing for the AP Exam.

Sociology: Shih-Duo Liu– – Interesting research and work on final project.

Comparative Politics: Jing Yi Ran (Sherry): She is very dedicated and tenacious.

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