Happy Lantern Festival

By Chinese Department

Did you know that the celebration of Chinese New Near actually lasts for 15 days with Lantern Festival marking as the end of the half-month celebrations? Last week, students in TIS learnt how Chinese people celebrate the Lantern Festival with yet another year of hard work ahead of them. Students made paper lantern crafts and guessed lantern riddles. What’s more, Chinese teachers also boiled the traditional food, yuan xiao, the sticky rice ball and shared with the students. The students tried different flavor and chose their favorite flavor. Yuan xiao or tangyuan symbolizes reunion and unity because of its round shape and is loved by almost everyone.

The students also finished the Rooster Art which was started during the Chinese Culture Week and had their work presented in the Primary and Secondary School Chinese hallways. Parents are welcome to come and look at the great work done by students.

As the Chinese saying goes, a year’s plan starts with spring. After all the celebrations, students and staff in TIS will work hard in the year of the rooster. Go, TIS!
2017-02-13 (1)

2017-02-13 (2)

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