The Responsibility Tree

responsibility tree
Throughout the year we work towards high standards at TEDA International School. We strive to achieve our ESLR goals and work towards developing a better understanding of what it is to be a Global Citizen and good member of our communities. In the Primary Art room we have a Responsibility Tree with 10 levels. Students that reflect the strong leadership and ESLR quality virtues move up the tree branches as they demonstrate a responsible and helpful role in the classroom. This year we have 6 star students that reached the highest point on the tree. That means they were more than a little helpful on most days in the art room. We have 11 students that achieved a very high level on the tree and reflect strong character in class. Numerous students moved up the tree achieving high level success throughout the year. Every student that moved up should be commended for having an excellent attitude in the Art room. Thank you to all the winners and high achieving students in Primary school. Once again you have shown us why you are such special students and positive members of the TEDA International School family.
responsibility tree3

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