Learning about Shel Silverstein

We are still enjoying learning about poetry in library classes. This week with grade 2 we learned about the popular poet Shel Silverstein. This American poet lived from 1930-1999 and in his lifetime he published not only poetry but illustrations, plays and lots of music. Shel was a unique individual who encouraged people to think for themselves and explore their imaginations. He became famous with the publication of the book The Giving Tree. Other popular books include his collections of poetry in Where the Sidewalk Ends, A Light in the Attic and Falling Up. We created Wacky Wordplays by making our own versions of the Shel Silverstein poem, “Fear” from A Light in the Attic to celebrate our learning. The poem is printed below.

Barnabus Browning
Was scared of drowning,
So he never would swim
Or get into a boat
Or take a bath
Or cross a moat.
He just sat day and night
With his door locked tight
And the windows nailed down,
Shaking with fear
That a wave might appear,
And cried so many tears
That they filled up the room
And he drowned.
For our Wacky Wordplays we submitted our own nouns and verbs to create new poems. We wound up with some pretty wacky poems this way!

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