Message From the Headmaster August 23 2015

Dear Parents,

I would like to provide you with information on some recent events.  On Saturday, several teachers started the transition back to TEDA and are taking care of their apartments.  There have been no major concerns from anyone.  The air is clean and the weather has been great!

Several foreign companies are already sending back their staff to TEDA and the reports have been good.  Some foreign companies have hired independent testing agencies to test the water and air quality, around their companies and the residences of their staff.  The results are consistent with the government’s results, to the best of our knowledge and they are positive and safe.  This is reassuring.  This type of testing will continue for several months to ensure safety.  Our school will also look to regularly test the school’s water and air quality.

Our administrative team will be back in the school tomorrow and will continue working, from school grounds, to revitalize the school.  Some of our students will be invited to come to school for volleyball practice, starting this week.  The gym did not suffer any major damages.  Some teachers are also returning to their classrooms and more will start arriving throughout the week.  Mr. Guo Ying, the Chief of Binhai New Area’s Government, came to visit and extend his support to TIS early this morning.  The school is grateful for his support and reassuring words of comfort.  We were delighted to walk around our school campus with him and his team.

The school is continuing the process of repairing the school windows and doors; there are still many to be repaired and this will take time.  The ceilings have already been repaired.  Today, the government sent a crew to double check the air quality and another crew to double check the structural integrity of the buildings.  The results will arrive soon.  Our school is not in a dangerous zone and that is reassuring.  Again, we aim to open the school for classes to recommence on August 31st.  I will keep you posted on our progress on our website and via email.

Wishing you all the very best as we all transition back to a normal and exciting life!  I am so very proud of my administrative team and our whole community.  We are showing that we can face adversity and rebound strongly!  We are going to make it!


Andrew Frezludeen


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