Asia and Africa Video Exhibition 2012-2013

What does it mean to be part of an international world?  Is it traveling to different countries?  Speaking different languages?  Or is it listening to local TEDA musicians playing African drums while students echo chants and thinking about how extraordinary and expected this is at the same time.

Our big art project this year was celebrating Africa and Asia:  combining the history, the culture and the art of Asia, where we are, and Africa, where I grew up.

All of our students from Kindergarten to grade 5 did an African style tie-dye shirt with a choice of their colour and design. Some classes did Asian style masks, others did African style masks and one class did a Panda mask.

We also did many other things that speak to Africa and Asia:  creating a “Gabeta” board game from Africa, painting Asian scrolls, sculpting Terracotta Warriors, Asian fans, making paper, building a pyramid, origami, painting giraffes and pandas.

Finally we all wore our creations while singing Bob Marley and Chinese children’s songs as a school community.  Our performance was about blending traditions, sharing, and joining together.

Please take a look at our video to see what we’ve accomplished.
Asia and Africa Video Exhibition 2012-2013

Thank you to all my students, parent volunteers and colleagues for the last five years.  I can’t say enough about how wonderful it’s all been.

Ms.Emebet Belete
Primary Art Teacher


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