Library Donation Day

Dear Parents,

Our library is a great resource, and we wish to make it even better!! DVDs provide our students an opportunity to listen to the correct pronunciation of English, and enhance their understanding of a subject. We noticed that our library has very few DVDs. We discussed this with our new librarian, Robbie Daniels, and she said she would not only like DVDs, but books and old magazines as well!

We believe each family has a lot of DVDs, books or even old magazines that have not been used for a long time. If each family can donate DVDs, books and/or magazines to our library, our librarian will be more than happy to organize and label them to make them ready to be checked out. On October 15, you can show your support and care for our school library, by sending unwanted books and DVDs. We will set up a table to collect items you donate.

Please consider the following when you look through your collection:

  • All the materials should be in the English language. Foreign films, with English subtitles, may be useful.
  • Please avoid sending any broken DVDs or damaged books to school.
  • If some of the items are inappropriate for our school, then we can donate those to other places.

If you don’t want to send any used items to the school and you want to help improve the quality and quantity of the books and DVDs in our TIS library, you can email Robbie Daniels (our librarian) to ask what kind of books or DVDs are most welcomed. Her email is:

If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email us.

All the best,

PFA Team

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