Block Play in ECA

Blocks are an important part of an Early Childhood classroom. We have them in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, to meet the developmental needs of every child.

Playing with blocks provides excellent learning opportunities for children from problem solving, language and social skills practice, math and science skills development, use of imagination and creativity, just to name a few.

Here are a few examples of how PKA students use this resource imaginatively:

20170919 (1) 20170919 (2) 20170919 (3) 20170919 (4) 20170919 (5) 20170919 (6)

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Marine Biology Tales of the Week

This week, students will educate you on Sea Anemones. Most of us know them from the Finding Nemo movie. Read more about the Sea Anemone from the attached poster created by Grade 12’s Jenny and Luna.

Jenny Luna2

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High School Math Challenge Problem

Congratulations to last week’s solvers, Sherry (Grade 12) and KyuBin (Grade 9). It is amazing that they were able to solve such a high level question. The answer was -3. This week’s problem is just as difficult. Students who solve the problem will receive an award from Mr. Troutman. Good luck!

2018 math problem hs6


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TIS Library Celebrated Roald Dahl Day!

13 September is Roald Dahl’s birthday and the day when children, schools, libraries, and bookshops all around the globe celebrate his wonderful work.  This date is now known as Roald Dahl Day.

Dahl was the man who made childhood more colorful when he introduced the Twits, James and the Giant Peach, The BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Witches, and other texts.

Of course, TIS Library joined the world in celebrating Roald Dahl Day 2017! In fact, we had scrumdiddlyumptious activities for the kids in Primary School! We watched the life story of Roald Dahl in BrainPop and learned what influenced him to write children’s books. Then, we all did “Kahoot!,” a fun and interactive app in answering questions about Roald Dahl. Everyone had a fantastic time!

It was indeed a splendiferous, gloriumptious, and whizzpopping Roald Dahl 2017! –Mr. Ricky

201709153 (1) 201709153 (2) 201709153 (3) 201709153 (4) 201709153 (5) 201709153 (6) 201709153 (7) 201709153 (8) 201709153 (9) 201709153 (10)

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Fire Fighters for a Day

Our kindergarteners have been learning about the many community helpers. To support our learning, on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 our kindergarten students and teachers departed campus at 8:45 for the Tianjin Fire Station accompanied by Ms. Williamson and Ms. Joanna. We were welcomed by the Fire Chief who graciously welcomed us and thanked our school for the donation of stuffed animals which have been giving comfort to children during their rescue duties.

WE were then taken outside where we were shown where the firefighters put on their uniforms when called to duty. The students learned about the protective equipment they wear and were even allowed to try on their coats and helmets. We learned that a fire fighters tool belt weighs 6kg.

Afterwards, we headed over to the fire trucks where we were shown a powerful chainsaw that goes up to one thousand rotations per second. We were given a chance to hear it in action and boy was it loud. Next, we learned how firefighters protect themselves from the smoke by wearing a protective mask and oxygen tank which gives them clean air. Finally, the highlight of their visit, the children were invited to sit inside the fire engine.

After seeing and learning about all the ways that firefighters help us during emergencies we graciously thanked our hosts for showing us around and posed for a group photo. The next time we see a fire fighter we can look back and remember our visit to the fire station.

201709151 (1) 201709151 (2) 201709151 (3) 201709151 (4) 201709151 (5) 201709151 (6) 201709151 (7) 201709151 (8) 201709151 (9) 201709151 (10)

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201709152 (1)
201709152 (2)
We gathered together for a delicious pizza lunch and got to know each other. We are looking forward to help out our community by promoting and supporting service activities and school events.
201709152 (3)
We are all eager to take on more responsibilities and learn about leadership. We are a great team and cooperation and good communication will be key to our actions.
201709152 (4)

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Cafeteria weekly Menu 9.18-9.22

Menu 9.18-9.22

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ECA Cafeteria weekly Menu 9.18-9.22

ECA Menu 9.18-9.22

ECA Menu 9.18-9.22-cn

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Weekly Bulletin 07– September 13 2017

Weekly Bulletin 07

每周公告 07

주간 소식지 07

To read PDF document, please download Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader

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Using Art for Better Memory

In AP Psychology, one of the most difficult challenges is remembering the parts of the brain and their function. Recent research has shown that drawing what you are trying to remember is the most effective way to store it in your long term memory. It is not the artwork itself that triggers your long term memory, it is the process of deciding what to draw that is most meaningful. Some student artwork is highlighted in the included posters.
2018 Brain Art Amygdala

2018 Brain Art Hippocampus

2018 Brain Art Thalamus

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