ISAC U19 Girls’ and U14 Boys’ Table Tennis Tournaments

On Saturday December 3rd, Sandy Cui, Gr. 11, attended the ISAC U19 Girls’ Table Tennis Tournament held at ISB. Also, Thomas Wang, Gr. 6, represented our school well in the ISAC U14 Boys’ Table Tennis Tournament hosted by HBJ. Congratulations to Sandy Cui who finished this tournament with third place. Sandy also won third place in the 2016 ACAMIS U19 Girls’ Table Tennis Tournament at YCIS-Beijing on Friday Nov. 25th. Well done Sandy. You have made us all proud. Keep up the good work! A special thanks to our parents for their constant support and cooperation. Go Comets.




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Secondary Math Challenges

2017 math problem ms17
2017 math problem hs17

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Cafeteria weekly Menu 12.5-12.9

Christmas Menu

Menu 12.5-12.9-2

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ECA Cafeteria weekly Menu 12.5-12.9

ECA Menu-12.5-12.9

ECA Menu-12.5-12.9-cn

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Math & Science Students of the MONTH

The Math & Science departments are proud to honor our students of the month of November. In Middle School, 8th grader, Li Yu Han (Mary) received the award and gift of a 4×4 Rubik’s Cube. In High School, Xie Yi Ming (Bella), 11th grade, received the same honor and gift. We are fortunate to have so many talented students in our school.
SOTW Month November

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The Cultural Convention in Macao

On November 25th and 26th International School of Macau hosted this year’s ACAMIS Cultural Convention for middle school and high school students. This was truly an exciting and unique ACAMIS event where students from several international schools in China gathered together over a period of two days to participate in visual and performing arts related workshops and in a large group student performance. 28 students have attended this wonderful event.

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Semester 1 Final Exam Schedule

 Semester 1 Final Exam Schedule

To read PDF document, please download Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader

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PFA Craft Fair

Last Saturday it was time for the Craft Fair and Autumn fall festival at TIS. A successful day and PFA want to thank everyone who contributed.
2016122 (1)

2016122 (2)

2016122 (3)

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Word Culture Art Gallery from KL

t’s not often one has the opportunity to visit an amazing art gallery on school grounds, however, that’s exactly what KL Kindergarten did on December 1, 2016. The entrance itself was a huge piece of art forecasting the world cultures beyond its borders.

The students were pleasantly surprised to be greeted by their own art pieces and proudly pointed them out to their classmates. Each portion of the exhibit was labeled to let the viewer know which class was responsible for the beautiful work.

​As we traveled through the exhibition, we visited Africa, the Rainforest, China, Australia, and many other world cities represented through abstract art. Each grade at TIS proved artistic. It was a fantastic show of talent. KL really enjoyed the display and each student chose pieces that were their favorite and asked to be photographed with it.

The art teachers here at TIS must be commended for their hard work. It showed in the collection. Thank you for sharing it with us.
20161202 (1)

20161202 (2)

20161202 (3)

20161202 (4)

20161202 (5)

20161202 (6)

20161202 (7)

20161202 (8)

20161202 (9)

20161202 (10)

20161202 (11)

20161202 (12)

20161202 (13)

20161202 (14)

20161202 (15)

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TEDA International School’s Visit to Shine Home

On Dec. 2nd, 2016, TEDA International School’s service club visited Tanggu’s Shine Home.

When we arrived, the kids welcomed us all with big hugs. They were very happy to see us. We felt as though we were family. This time, we did beading and played new yoga balls in shine home. The kids had a great time with the new games. We had a lot of fun with the kids. We are excited to visit them again soon!
20161202 (1)

20161202 (2)

20161202 (3)

20161202 (4)

20161202 (5)

20161202 (7)

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