Chinese Story Reading

Students from Grade 6-8 were reading stories in Chinese to the Pre-K students. Pre-k students also rated their favorite stories . It was a challenge for the Grade 6-8 students. They have been working hard to better present their stories in Chinese. We had a great time with Pre-K students.

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20170428 (1)

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TEDA International School’s Visit to Shine Home

On April 27th, 2017, TEDA International School’s service club visited Tang Gu’s Shine Home. When we arrived, kids gathered on the open field and waved at us. They were very happy to see us. We had a good time with the kids. We played balls with them, and drew pictures with them. We are excited to visit them again soon!
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Earth Day Gardening G1+ELC 1

To wrap up our earth week at TIS our class planted seeds in our primary garden.
201704271 (1)
First, we prepared the soil by getting rid of weeds and adding new soil to the dirt.
201704271 (2)
Next, we watered the soil and poked small holes for our bean seeds.
201704271 (3)
Once we were ready we planted the seeds and covered the soil.
201704271 (4)
Finally, we watered the garden.

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Earth Day Planting

On April 24th Nursery Z students planted in the classroom. They re-used yogurt cups to plant some radish and bean seeds. They are now watering them every day and excitedly look forward to seeing them sprout up soon!


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Weekly Bulletin 31– April 26 2017

Weekly Bulletin 31

每周公告 31

주간 소식지 31

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ISAC U14 Girls’ Basketball, 2017

The Middle School Girls Basketball team ended their season on a positive note. After taking a van at the crack of dawn, 5:45 am, from TEDA to Beijing, the girls put their game faces on and came to play. This year, the ISAC D3 U14 Girls Basketball Tournament was hosted by BISS and played at WAB. There were eight teams involved in the tournament including our rivals TIS, his did not deter TEDA from giving their all.
20170426 (1)

The first game was against Keystone Academy. Normally, it takes that first game for our girls to get warmed up. However, TEDA played well together as a team and brought out a win against Keystone 16 to 4.
20170426 (2)
The second game was against BISS. This was the crowd favorite since they had home court advantage. Comets played with heart. There were times during the game that the TEDA lead BISS, however in the end BISS prevailed with a 10 to 8 victory.
20170426 (3)

The third games was against HIS. TEDA took them down 15 to 5. This game was to determine the status in the tournament. There were actually two groups going on at the same time. Both teams who were seated number one played for the first and second place trophies. Because BISS beat TEDA, played for 3rd or 4th seat against CIS.
20170426 (4)

This was the fourth and final game. TEDA again pulled out a win to secure third place in the tournament. This was a very challenging tournament. The refs were falling asleep, and some of the teams were overly aggressive, however, the girls kept their focus. Each of Middle School girls played and all were responsible for the success of the team. Great Season Middle School. GO COMETS!!
20170426 (5)

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Choral Festival

TIS students from Grade 3-12 participated in the annual ISCOT Choral Festival at IST on Wednesday, April 12. The Primary Special Choir, Middle School and High School choirs celebrated musical diversity with excellence. What a wonderful opportunity to sing in the combined choir of around 200 voices as a finale. There were some great fun moments of relaxation in between rehearsals. Thank you to Ms. Kaylie, Ms. Yvonne and Mr. Mazlum for their unfailing support and encouragement and to Ms. Andy and Ms. Williamson as chaperones.
20170425 (1)

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20170425 (3)

20170425 (4)

20170425 (5)

20170425 (6)

20170425 (7)

20170425 (8)

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Students of the Month in Math & Science

Congratulations to Yun HyoBin who was named student of the month for March/April, in Math and Science, for the high school. In Middle School Math and Science, Yun KyuBin was honored. Fantastic job!
SOTW Month March April video wechat version

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ACAMIS High School Girls’ Soccer

The girls’ soccer team played their best soccer at ACAMIS. And despite many injuries, that kept players out of games, they achieved 4th place. Our school community should be proud of these tough, inspiring, fun group of young women. Kalina was named to the all-tournament team in her final ACAMIS tournament.



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ECA Cafeteria weekly Menu 4.24-4.28

ECA Menu-4.24-4.28

ECA Menu-4.24-4.28-cn

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