Weekly Bulletin 27– March 22 2017

Weekly Bulletin 27

每周公告 27

주간 소식지 27

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Week Without Walls Details

Grade 6-8 – Moganshan – March 27-31 – DetailsPacking List
Grade 9-10 – Xiamen – March 27-31 – DetailsPacking List
Grade 11-12 – Sanya – March 26-31 – DetailsPacking List

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Color Science Fair

Six primary students from Grades 3 to 5 attended the Annual ISCOT Science Fair on Tuesday at Wellington College in Tianjin; SunHo and Lyn from Grade 5, Allison and Ethan from Grade 4 and JunTing and Maria from Grade 3. The theme was color and students wore colorful clothes for the occasion. Wellington Secondary students welcomed us along with students from IST and TIS. These same secondary students organized and supervised the program.

Our students were paired with a partner from another school for a series of activities based on color; color mystery, color density and fireworks. The finale was some spectacular science demonstrations by the secondary students – volcanoes of toothpaste and changing colors. What an exciting day of super science and making friends!

Ms. Williamson and Ms. Andy

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20170322 (2)

20170322 (3)

20170322 (4)

20170322 (5)

20170322 (6)

20170322 (7)

20170322 (8)

20170322 (9)

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Charity Concert This Friday

Invitation Terrence
Invitation Terrence

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The Humanities Department is proud to present the “STUDENT OF THE FORTNIGHT” recognition award for term three. This award recognizes students who have excelled in some area of their humanity classes.

Mr. Pettypiece
Social Studies 6: Kim Min Seo (Erin) for diligence and accuracy.
Social Studies 7: Fu Xiao Xuan (Luna) for seeking deeper knowledge.
Social Studies 8: Audrey Zhu for lightning fast inductive reasoning.
British Literature 12: Toshiro Tokunaga for exceptional writing and analysis.

Ms. Dean
6th Grade: Sharon Jovilla Russel Kingsley for asking thought provoking questions
7th grade: Tian Yu Jiang (Emily) for her beautiful, poetic words
8th grade: Dylan Alexander for overall improvement this term

Mr. Deller
Drama/Public Speaking: Yuthiwattana Sadudee (Melody) – for her public speaking
English 9: Yuthiwattana Sadudee (Melody) – for her narrative writing
English 10: Liu, Shih-Duo (Donny) – for his speaking and writing.
American Literature (11): Xie Yi Ming (Bella) – creativity and originality

Ms. Coney
Accelerated English 8: Li Hui Ling (Erin) for consistent high quality work
English 9: Li Yi Song (Ronny) for most improved in this term
English 10 Honors: Amadheo Murwanto for steady progress and improvement
AP English Language and Composition: Julia Lopes de Paulo for continued dedication and deeper understanding

Mr. Navaez-
Social Studies 9: Yuthiwattana Sadudee (Melody)–for her overall amazingness!
Modern World History: Yun Hyo Bin – for her dedication and deeper understanding
Comparative Politics: Xie Yi Ming (Bella) –for her unassuming brilliance.
AP Macroeconomics: Li Tong (Emma) – for her passion for Economics.

Mr. Horsley
AP World History: Russel Kingsley, Sherlly -for her continued diligence in the study of history.
AP Comparative Politics- Ye Ji Jang-for continued perseverance throughout the year.
Sociology – Hee Young Lee –excellent performance on exams

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ISAC U14 Girls Basketball Exchange

Middle School girls travelled to Beijing this weekend to participate in the ISAC D3 U14 Girls exchange which was involving six other teams from the Tianjin and Beijing area. The trip was long and the building where the exchange was held was very cold. This did not deter the girls from playing a spectacular game of basketball. Each player contributed their talents and together, they won as a team. Congratulations on a job well done Ladies. Go Comets!!



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ELC 1 How To unit

How to……

During Term 3, ELC1 has been learning how to write instructions (Telling How to Do Something).

The students have enjoyed doing hands-on learning for our “How To” unit. As a part of international awareness in our school, we had our parents come and teach the students how to play different board games from their countries. We also learnt how to make lemonade, food art, butter, blossom trees art and so much more. To wrap up our unit we learnt how to make tie die shirts in our classroom.
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2017-03-17 (2)

2017-03-17 (3)
2017-03-17 (5)

2017-03-17 (7)
2017-03-17 (4)

2017-03-17 (8)
2017-03-17 (6)

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Cafeteria weekly Menu 3.20-3.24

Menu 3.20-3.24
Australia 20170323

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ECA Cafeteria weekly Menu 3.20-3.24

ECA Menu-3.20-3.24
ECA Menu-3.20-3.24-cn

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TEDA International School’s Visit to Shine Home

On March 16th, 2017, TEDA International School’s service club visited Tang Gu’s Shine Home. When we arrived, kids gathered on the open field and waved at us. They were very happy to see us. We had a good time with the kids. We played balls with them, and drew pictures with them. We are excited to visit them again soon!
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20170317 (1)

20170317 (2)

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