Cafeteria weekly Menu 2.20-2.24

Menu 2.20-2.24

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ECA Cafeteria weekly Menu 2.20-2.24

ECA Menu-2.20-2.24

ECA Menu-2.20-2.24-CN

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TEDA International School’s Visit to Shine Home

On February 16th, 2017, TEDA International School’s service club visited Tanggu’s Shine Home.

When we arrived, the kids welcomed us all with big hugs. They were very happy to see us. We felt as though we were family. The kids had a great time with volunteers. We had a lot of fun with the kids – we played sports, drew pictures and played sand. We are excited to visit them again soon!


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Weekly Video Announcement on February 17

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Peanut butter and the Water Cycle

During Term 3, Ms. Bowler’s Grade 1 class has been learning about the water cycle and how to write instructions (“How To” writing).

The students have enjoyed doing hands-on learning for both of these units. For the water cycle, they created their own “Water Cycles in a Bag,” which allowed them to witness the stages of evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection.

When learning about “How To” writing, the students wrote instructions for their teacher to follow while making a peanut butter sandwich. They realized they left out some important details (like how many pieces of bread to use and the importance of using a plate and knife) when the teacher spread the peanut butter on the table and tried to make the sandwich using the whole loaf of bread! The students then fixed their instructions to include better details, and we all enjoyed delicious peanut butter sandwiches together.
20160216 (1)

20160216 (1)

20160216 (2)

20160216 (2)

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Weekly Bulletin 22– February 15 2017

Weekly Bulletin 22

每周公告 22

주간 소식지 22

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Earthworm Dissection Lab in Biology, Gr.9

Earthworms are ideal specimens to use for teaching basic anatomy and investigating simple organ systems. They also provide an economical and convenient opportunity for students to practice their dissection techniques before progressing to more complex specimens such as frogs or pigs.

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Mek’s acid base indicators lab of middle school science, Gr. 6

What are pH indicators?

A pH indicator is a chemical detector for hydroxide (HO+) or hydrogen (H+) molecules. pH indicators change color depending on the pH of the solution they come in contact with.

pH indicators can be liquid solutions or pieces of paper that have been treated with a chemical solution. Indicators also come in a variaty of sensitivities, some change many colours over a wide range of pH levels and others will only change a single colour when in contact with a very specific pH.

Examples of pH indicators: Phenol Red, Phenolphthalein, Methyl yellow and Bromol blue.

pH meter is a sensor which we use to measure acidity, the lower the value is on the scale the more acidic the solution is.Water is a mutual solution and has a pH around 7.
Students are investigating respiration with universal indicators.
They also try super bouncing bubbles with Magic Gloves.
and for D.I.Y. details, please refer to the following link recommended by Mek,

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Secondary Math Challenges

This week’s challenges are taken from the Waterloo Math Competition. Our students will soon be participating in this world-wide contest. Enjoy.
2017 math problem ms21
2017 math problem hs21

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The 2017 ISCOT MS Five-a-Side Indoor Soccer exchange

On Saturday February 11th, TIS hosted the 2017 ISCOT MS Five-a-Side Indoor Soccer Exchange at the Curves school. This year, 7 boys’ and 4 girls’ teams in total participated in this event. Our athletes played very well and displayed a great level of sportsmanship throughout the day. Their behavior was in line with the spirit of ISCOT sports, which brings together student athletes from all over Tianjin, to know each other a little bit more, and competes at the highest level of their potential.







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